KYBELLA® is an injectable solution for Walnut Creek patients who want to reduce the appearance of a double chin. Patients receive a series of treatments over time, with each set of injections eliminating more and more of the fat cells that cause submental fullness.

You can expect to see results from KYBELLA within 4-6 weeks of your first treatment with continued fat reduction after every appointment that follows. However, the degree of improvement you will notice at different stages in the process will depend on the approach your doctor uses.

The Traditional Approach to KYBELLA

Studies initially suggested that patients should receive two vials’ worth of KYBELLA every 4-6 weeks. These patients would visit their doctor 4-6 times for injections. Using this approach, a Walnut Creek patient could expect results similar to the below:

  • 10% improvement after the first treatment.
  • 20% improvement after the second treatment.
  • 38%, 50%, and 75% improvement over the next three treatments.

This approach to KYBELLA can effectively reduce the appearance of a double chin by the end of its process. However, it has a significant drawback: patients who receive treatment along this schedule won’t really see significant improvement until months down the road. With only a 10% improvement in the early stages, people may become discouraged with KYBELLA and choose not to continue with their treatment plan.

Dr. Manios’s Approach to KYBELLA

Dr. Manios uses a more progressive treatment plan for his Walnut Creek patients. His strategy with KYBELLA is to debulk fat from beneath the chin over the first two appointments and then to use follow-up visits to touch up any remaining areas of concern. These latter appointments help create a uniform and aesthetically appealing outcome. Patients can expect results similar to the below with this approach:

  • 3-4 vials of product for a 25-30% improvement after the first treatment.
  • 3-4 vials of product for a 50-60% improvement after the second treatment.
  • Fine tuning and spot treatment over two additional visits.

As you can see, Walnut Creek patients who follow a schedule like the one above should get significant results more quickly than with the traditional approach. Typically, Dr. Manios will provide a 6-12 week break after each of the two “debulking” appointments. This gives the KYBELLA more time to do its work. It also allows swelling and other effects of treatment to subside so that he can evaluate the results following each visit.

Dr. Manios will tailor the schedule and amount of KYBELLA in the treatment plan to each person’s needs. He can usually follow a more intensive approach with younger patients since their skin tends to be more elastic, which allows it to retract more readily as the KYBELLA destroys the fat cells. Dr. Manios welcomes you to come in for a consultation so that he can recommend a plan for your care.

Eliminate a double chin quickly, effectively, and permanently. Walnut Creek patients can schedule an appointment with Dr. Christopher Manios online or by phone at 925 989 6560.

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