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Lip fillers promote full, lush lips and help create a pronounced and noticeable pout. Through proper technique, these fillers can enhance the features of your face in a natural-looking way.

Dr. Christopher Manios offers lip fillers to Walnut Creek and Pleasanton patients as a way of augmenting natural aesthetics. He provides attractive outcomes and avoids producing a “ducky” look by maintaining proper ratios, defining a gentle tapering of the lips, and adding volume strategically rather than indiscriminately.

Dr. Manios trained at both Harvard and Stanford University where he received a high level of expertise in plastic surgery from world-renowned authorities in the field of aesthetic surgery and procedures. His practice focuses solely on injectable solutions such as lip fillers, and unlike with other providers, Dr. Manios conducts these treatments himself. This ensures that you will receive a natural-looking result based on years of experience with these procedures.

The Benefits of Lip Fillers

Some Walnut Creek and Pleasanton patients visit Dr. Manios’s practice with a general aim of looking younger. Others have specific features that they want to improve. Whichever case applies to your situation, Dr. Manios can help you identify potential treatment options, including lip fillers. These products have the potential to provide you with:

  • A more prominent “pout,” or projection, of the lips.
  • Increased volume in the upper and lower lips.
  • A solution for lips that appear to be frowning even at rest.

Dr. Manios’s Approach with Lip Fillers

Dr. Manios brings a detailed understanding of anatomy and aesthetics to each treatment for his Walnut Creek and Pleasanton patients. He follows several guidelines when injecting lip fillers to give patients fuller, more appealing features with consistent results.

Upper and lower lip balance: Both lips will receive filler to maintain a natural 1:1.2 ratio. The aim is for the top lip to rest on the bottom lip and for the bottom lip to protrude slightly. This prevents the “ducky” appearance common in poorly-conducted procedures.

Tapering: Natural-looking lips become thinner at the edges. Dr. Manios will add lip fillers in a way that maintains an even and gentle tapering.

Pout: Reinforcing the vermillion border (the area between the redness of the lips and the skin) will add projection to the lips. Enhancing the Cupid’s bow (the curve just above the midpoint of the top lip) will help evert the lip for a more pronounced pout. Dr. Manios will also add volume to the philtral columns—the raised sections next to the vertical groove between the bottom of your nose and the top of your upper lip. This lifts the height of the columns and prevents the Cupid’s bow from flattening out.

Corners: Some patients have lips with slightly downturned corners, which can create an unhappy expression. Careful placement of lip fillers can augment soft tissue support and straighten these corners.

What You Can Expect with Lip Fillers

Dr. Manios will treat most patients with JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC. To ensure your comfort, he will anesthetize the mouth and advises patients to apply ice on the lips after the procedure.

You should be able to return to normal activities immediately after treatment with lip fillers. The most common side effects are bruising and swelling, which should last no longer than one week. After this time, you can expect enhanced volume that looks and feels natural. Your results should last between nine months and one year, after which time you can return for a repeat treatment.

Whether your aim is a fuller, more noticeable pout or younger-looking features, you may be a good candidate for lip fillers. Walnut Creek and Pleasanton patients can schedule an appointment with Dr. Christopher Manios online or by phone at (925) 989-6560.