Excess fat below the chin can give you a heavy or aged appearance even if your other features are firm, fit, and youthful. Walnut Creek patients often seek aesthetic treatment specifically to get rid of a double chin, improve the definition of their jawline, and eliminate prominent jowls.

Dr. Manios has spent nearly ten years supporting patients with non-surgical aesthetic care and is an expert in facial injectables. He frequently conducts procedures with KYBELLA to eliminate a double chin and to recontour features of the lower face and neck.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Manios will talk with you about what you can expect with KYBELLA and whether you are a candidate for the treatment. As part of this conversation, Walnut Creek patients sometimes want to know how KYBELLA compares to alternatives such as chin liposuction. Here is a brief overview of the benefits that these two options offer.

Why You Should Consider KYBELLA over Chin Liposuction

KYBELLA is an injectable product that eliminates unwanted fat below the chin. You will receive several rounds of treatment—typically 3-6 sessions spaced 4-8 weeks apart—to help you achieve this result. Patients frequently choose KYBELLA because…

It’s non-surgical. You won’t need general anesthesia, incisions, sutures, or any of the requirements of an operation.

KYBELLA offers a much more comfortable recovery. Since it’s an injectable solution, you should only experience some tenderness at the treatment site, and localized swelling as KYBELLA goes to work breaking down the fat cells. Liposuction procedures use a more invasive method to release and remove fat, which usually means a more intensive recovery.

It doesn’t require downtime. Following treatment with KYBELLA, Dr. Manios’s Walnut Creek patients can typically go back to their normal daily activities. It’s a more convenient option for people who want significant aesthetic improvement without the limitations of surgery.

Injectable treatments have fewer complications. Because KYBELLA is non-surgical, it tends to be a safer approach than chin liposuction.

When to Consider Chin Liposuction Instead of KYBELLA

Dr. Manios prioritizes the satisfaction and health of his patients and will only recommend a treatment that is the right fit for their needs. Through your initial consultation, he will determine whether you should consider KYBELLA or an alternative solution.

Assuming that you are healthy enough for either KYBELLA or chin liposuction, the biggest factor behind Dr. Manios’s recommendation will be the quality of your skin. In general, he advises that Walnut Creek patients have KYBELLA:

  • If they want to eliminate a double chin, and
  • If their skin has a moderate level of laxity or better.

Patients in their 40s and 50s usually fit this description; older patients are prone to more severe skin laxity.

Why does the skin quality matter? Removing fat from beneath the chin can cause sagging if the skin is too lax. Laxity isn’t as much of a problem for patients who choose to have chin liposuction since the surgeon can remove excess skin as part of the procedure. This type of revision isn’t possible with KYBELLA alone.

If you are uncertain whether you are a good candidate for KYBELLA—or, if you are interested in this approach and want to learn more—Dr. Manios can conduct a comprehensive examination and develop a treatment plan based on your needs.

Walnut Creek patients can schedule an appointment with Dr. Manios online or by phone at 925 989 6560.

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