When you decide to get lip injections, it’s important to rely on a doctor with extensive experience in facial fillers will make a big difference in your comfort, in how natural your results will look, and in the overall outcome. Walnut Creek patients choose Dr. Manios for their care in part because he:

  • Follows a conservative approach to lip injections. He understands that it is always possible to add more filler (and much less ideal to remove product from overfilled lips).
  • Takes the time to create a natural-looking and attractive appearance. Symmetry plays a key role in this type of result. In Dr. Manios’s experience, treating only one lip tends to create an imbalanced aesthetic, so he usually recommends adding filler to both lips.
  • Injects filler in a way that that distributes the product smoothly and evenly. This technique helps to produce a more aesthetically appealing outcome.

The Duration of Your Improvement

Typically, lip injections will last Walnut Creek patients 6-12 months. After this time, patients can return to Dr. Manios’s office for retreatment. Your experience with lip injections and the duration of your benefits will depend on several factors, such as:

  • The type of product used in your lip injections. Dr. Manios typically recommends JUVÉDERM Ultra® because it is the smoothest product in the JUVÉDERM® family and because it doesn’t cause the swelling that JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® can, depending on how much volume is required.
  • Your individual response to the filler. Some of Dr. Manios’s patients in Walnut Creek have a higher metabolism and break down injectable products more quickly as a result.

Your Post-Treatment Care

While lip injections do not require any downtime, you should take certain steps to limit potential complications and to improve your comfort after treatment. For example, Dr. Manios recommends that you not apply lipstick or lip gloss for 24 hours after your appointment. This is to prevent infection. He also advises that you ice the treatment area on and off for about two days and then take anti-inflammatory medications (assuming that you don’t have a health condition that would contradict this advice).

Swelling is one of the more common side effects that Walnut Creek patients experience with lip injections. To reduce this concern, don’t work out on the day of or the day after your visit, and try to avoid other activities that can increase your blood pressure.

Beyond these steps, Dr. Manios encourages you to contact him if you have concerns at any point following your treatment. His highest priority is your safety and your satisfaction with the results of your aesthetic care.

Lip injections can enhance the fullness and shape of your lips and reduce unwanted signs of aging. Walnut Creek patients can learn more by scheduling an appointment online or by phone at 925 989 6560.

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