Dr. Manios offers Walnut Creek patients the complete line of JUVÉDERM® products through his practice, which focuses on non-surgical facial rejuvenation and injectable solutions. Here are some of the most common aesthetic concerns that he helps to resolve.

Volume Loss in the Temples

We commonly associate youthfulness and vitality with a heart-shaped appearance: fullness at the top of facial features and tapering at the bottom. Dr. Manios uses JUVÉDERM to restore this aesthetic quality, returning volume to the temples and creating a smooth transition between the forehead and cheeks.

Hollowness Beneath the Eyes

Over time, the fat planes that give fullness to your facial features may begin to separate. The area between your lower eyelids and cheeks may also widen as you age. Both changes can cause you to develop hollows below your eyes that make you look older or more tired than you really are. Dr. Manios fills in these areas with JUVÉDERM to give Walnut Creek patients subtle but substantial improvement.

Cheek Augmentation

Your cheeks may begin to lose fullness and flatten out as you get older. These same effects tend to diminish the Ogee curve: the double-S shape that gives your face a youthful appearance. Dr. Manios restores this curve, returns fullness, and improves the overall aesthetics of your face by introducing JUVÉDERM into the cheeks.

Smile Line Correction

Walnut Creek patients often receive treatment with JUVÉDERM to address the deep lines that run from their nose to the corners of their mouth. The procedure fills in the lines directly, and it also supports and smooths the skin’s surface by returning volume to the underlying layers of fat.

Cheek Line

You may have developed a facial line that extends outwards from your tear duct. This “malar split” can divide your cheek in two, creating an unaesthetic appearance. Dr. Manios utilizes JUVÉDERM products to smooth away this line.

Marionette Lines

Marionette lines are creases that run straight downward from corners of your mouth. These lines may become more noticeable as your facial features lose volume over time. Dr. Manios uses several different approaches to treat marionette lines. For example, he may inject JUVÉDERM into the lines as well as the surrounding area to reduce drooping at the corners of the mouth. For Walnut Creek patients with more severe cases, he may also inject the filler at a deeper level of tissue to pull away the folds that can develop around the corners of the mouth.

Vertical Lip Lines

Perioral lines are the vertical lines that can appear above and below the mouth. Dr. Manios’s typical approach is to inject JUVÉDERM perpendicularly across several lines instead of along the length of each line. In his experience, this technique gives patients more aesthetically appealing and natural-looking results, and it makes treatment much more comfortable.

Lip and Jawline Enhancement

Walnut Creek patients choose lip enhancement both for rejuvenation and augmentation. Dr. Manios uses JUVÉDERM to:

  • Return fullness where it may have been lost.
  • Provide a more attractive balance between the upper and lower lips.
  • Create a tapered shape and emphasize the patient’s pout.
  • JUVÉDERM can also help redefine the jawline and restore volume that patients may have lost around the chin.

Your Personalized Aesthetic Plan

While these are the most common ways in which Dr. Manios uses JUVÉDERM in his practice, your needs may differ from those described above. During your initial consultation, he will talk with you about what you want to accomplish, review your options, and work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan based on your goals.

Learn more about the different ways that JUVÉDERM can resolve signs of aging. Walnut Creek patients can schedule an appointment with Dr. Manios online or by phone at 925 989 6560.

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